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Yumi la Rosa’s flamenco path started when she decided to follow  her passion instead of staying in her established accounting career. She left for Spain to study with well-known Flamenco artists such as Rafaela Carrasco, Juana Amaya, Belen Maya, Leonor Leal, Isabel Bayón, “La Truco”, and others. Currently, she directs and performs at Tapas Papa Frita Spanish restaurant in Scottsdale as the featured dancer. She is also an Artistic Director for an annual theater production, Amor al Baile to give the public an appreciation of other cultures in general and of the richness of Spanish culture in particular.



This dramatic event brings together some of the world's best talent under one roof for a flamenco and world dance extravaganza. Don't miss this spectacular event of flamenco and entertainment. 
Invited Artists:
Yumi La Rosa (Baile), Misael Barraza-Diaz (Toque), Carlos Montúfar (Baile), Olivia Rojas (Cante), Max Perrault (Flautist)
Invited Dance Troups:
Kalaa Kendra Kathak Dance, Sedona Dance Project, Savage Rhythm, Step's Junk Funk. and etc...


Weekly performances at  Tapas Papa Frita Scottsdale, AZ