Artist Portfolio Update!

Our organization has finally had the opportunity to include artists to our portfolio! You may see that our portfolio is an easy read to our followers, split accordingly to your region of Arizona. Interested in taking a dance class or workshop? Wanting to know where our artists are performing? Simply look up the artist in your region and learn more about the arts taking place near you! Being that PWAC has an emphasis on Flamenco, the most updated information reflects the Flamenco artists in our community. Learn more about Franchesca Flamenco, Yumi La Rosa, Flamenco de Leon, Jácome Flamenco and Inspiración Flamenca. In time, more will be added for those interested in Mexican Folkloric, Belly Dance, Indian Classical, Burlesque and more!!!

As always, our founder Carlos Montúfar is in constant search for ways to include both artists and patrons of our AZ community, as well as making our website a resource for your needs and interests. Keep up to date and make sure to follow Phoenix World Arts Collective on Facebook and Instagram (@phxworldarts).

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  1. ¡ Felicidades!
    Mozeltov & congratulations Carlos. What a fantastic resource for all! Certainly not an eady labor of love ! “💯

  2. This is a much needed resource for arizonans and visitors to az. Every state should have this so that when we travel to a different state we have info on local flamenco shows classes etc. I love what you are doing.

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