Tradiciones Dance Company


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Directed by Sinaloa native Jose J. Soto​, Tradiciones Dance Company is a Phoenix based Ballet Folklorico dance company offering performances and classes in Mexican Folk Dance. Tradiciones Dance Company has grown to more than 70 dancers, and has had the privilege to be invited to perform in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Fresno, California. Tradiciones Dance Company continues to perform within the Phoenix metropolitan area at well renowned venues and events, and also continues to support community events throughout the valley.

Tradiciones Dance Company continues to gain the support of the community through it's commitment to providing audiences with complete colorful and exhilarating spectacles wherever they go. In just 5 years, and thanks to the work of it's members and community support, it has become Phoenix’s own Premier Mexican-Folk Dance Company.

Classes held at Tradiciones Cultural Center

3120 N 35th Ave, Suite 3 • Phoenix, AZ  • 85017

Class Schedule:

Tuesdays 5pm (Ages 6-8) | Wednesdays 5pm (Ages 9-12) |Thursdays 5pm (Ages 13 and up)

Contact Jose Soto to inquire about classes and performances, (480) 319-4089