Franchesca Flamenco



Dancer, Francisca Ivon Nava began her flamenco training at the Institute for Hispanic Dance, under the direction of Laura Moya in Phoenix, AZ. She was a formative member of Flamenco por la Vida under the direction of Angelina Ramirez and performed in “Mujeres,” directed by Yumi La Rosa. She performs regionally as guest artist and instructor with Chayito Champion in San Antonio, Texas and Julia Chacon's Inspiration Flamenca for her Into Flamenco series in Scottsdale, AZ. Francisca’s mission is to evolve and grow as a dancer and promote personal development and healing through teaching and performing the respectable artform of Flamenco. In 2018, Francisca was invited to teach Master workshops at Teresa Champion Dance Academy (San Antonio TX) and was a guest artist in the “Tri-Centenial Celebrations of Las Misiones de San Antonio,” alongside Carlos Menchaca in San Antonio TX, under the direction of Chayito Champion partnered with the Flamenco Arts Society of San Antonio.



Flamenco singer Chayito Champion began singing at an early age carrying the legacy of her family of flamenco artists. She is in high demand both nationally and internationally, always captivating her audiences with her heartfelt and passionate performances. She has toured the world with such artists as the late Jose Greco, Antonio Vargas, Teo Morca, Antonio Vargas and Pilar Rioja, Luis Montero, and Antonio Hidalgo with Carlota Santana Dance Co. to name a few. Some highlights of her career include H.O.L.A. Award and A.C.E. Latinos Critics Award in 2003 in New York City as well as Prime Minister of Shri Lanka’s ambassador's award in 2004. Chayito is currently based out of San Antonio, TX.